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What Is Knee Cartilage?

Your knees are responsible for handling a lot of pressure on a regular basis. Knee cartilage makes it easier for your knees to bear weight and move smoothly. Knee cartilage is a strong and flexible connective tissue that protects your knee joint and bones. It is located at the end of your knee bones, helping them glide over each other smoothly. Your knee cartilage makes sure your knees move smoothly and provide cushioning to your joints. It also acts as a shock absorber by helping your knees withstand undue pressure up to a limit. When your knee cartilage gives in to the pressure exerted on it or faces gradual wear and tear, it leads to cartilage damage. Most cases of knee cartilage damage are seen in young athletes twisting their knees or young adults experiencing osteoarthritis in their knees. At Cartilage Transplant Knee, we provide holistic orthopedic care to patients with all kinds of knee cartilage damage.

What Is Knee Cartilage
Your Knee Cartilage Cannot Heal Itself

Your Knee Cartilage Cannot Heal Itself

Before you plan to sit it out and prevent a knee cartilage transplant surgery, it is important to note that your knee cartilage cannot heal itself! If you’re the skin of your finger, it will heal itself in a few days as your skin is capable of regenerating itself. This is not the case with your knee cartilage. The tissue in your knee cartilage contains fewer cartilage cells by volume. These cells are responsible for tissue formation in your knee. Unlike other body parts and organs, your cartilage does not have a supply of nerves and blood vessels. This limits its capacity to heal itself when you damage your knee cartilage. This is why patients resort to knee cartilage transplants if the damage to their cartilage is severe.

What Is Knee Cartilage Transplant?

Knee cartilage transplant is the process of replacing the damaged portion of your knee cartilage with healthy cartilage. Known as graft, this healthy cartilage can be taken from a donor as well as your own body, depending on the type of cartilage transplant surgery you are seeking. Orthopedic surgeons take grafts from non-weight-bearing portions of a joint, match them to the damaged portions, and put them into place. This allows the new graft to leave a smooth and healthy exterior in the patient’s joint.

What Is Knee Cartilage Transplant
Who Is Suitable For Knee Cartilage Transplant

Who Is Suitable For Knee Cartilage Transplant?

Ideally, knee cartilage transplant is suited for patients between the age of 15 and 55. In most cases, patients who are too young to go for a total knee replacement opt for a knee cartilage transplant surgery. Knee cartilage transplant is often a less invasive surgery as compared to total knee replacement. Generally, such surgeries are carried out on young athletes injuring their knees and young adults suffering from early osteoarthritis. Irrespective of your age and the reason behind damaging your knee, the ortho surgeons at Cartilage Transplant Knee will help you repair your knee cartilage and heal your knee in the best way possible.

Benefits Of Knee Cartilage Transplant

Damaged knee cartilage often leads to excruciating pain. Especially if you tear your cartilage while playing a sport, the pain becomes unbearable. An effective knee cartilage transplant surgery relieves you of all the pain due to holistic healing.

The importance of proper knee mobility is extremely important in young adults. Damaged cartilage hampers normal knee movement due to pain, discomfort, swelling, stiffness, etc. A knee cartilage transplant surgery helps you restore your knee mobility and helps you get back on the field with fully-functioning knees.

Knee replacement surgeries involve the use of an artificial prosthetic to support the patient’s knee and ensure its mobility. Knee cartilage transplant saves you from seeking artificial support as the graft used in the surgery is 100% natural. Once added to your knee, the graft functions as if it was always a part of your body.

Knee cartilage transplant is a fairly new surgery in the field of medical science. Not many orthopedic doctors perform this surgery due to a lack of expertise, experience, and knowledge. Rest assured that the doctors at Cartilage Transplant Knee will guide you every step of the way and heal your knee with an efficient knee cartilage transplant surgery.

Benefits Of Knee Cartilage



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Grateful to CTK and its team to help deal with a cartilage tear. Special mention to Dr Debashish for being courteous and helping me tackle the issue in the best possible manner. The team was really dedicated and made sure I get back on my knees!


Chirag Mehta Mumbai

Being a basketball player, I thought I won’t able to return to the court after injuring my knee cartilage. CTK helped be bust this myth by healing my injured knee. Really grateful to the experts to provide a seamless cartilage transplant surgery.


Parul Gupta Delhi

I received wholesome care from CTK, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation. The doctors give personal attention to the patients and monitor their recovery until they have healed completely.


Mayank Jain Indore

CTK helped me understand why a cartilage transplant surgery is the best alternative to total knee replacement. I am fortunate to have consulted Dr Debashish to address my early osteoarthritis. After a successful surgery, I do feel it was a wise decision!


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